Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination (BDAE)


Purpose of the measure
The BDAE is designed to diagnose aphasia and related disorders. This test evaluates various perceptual modalities (auditory, visual, and gestural), processing functions (comprehension, analysis, problem-solving) and response modalities (writing, articulation, and manipulation). The BDAE can be used by neurologists, psychologists, speech language pathologists and occupational therapists (Goodglass & Kaplan, 1972).

Authors*: Sabrina Figueiredo, BSc; Vanessa Barfod, BA
Contributor: Katherine Salter
Expert reviewer: Dr. Lorraine Obler
Editors: Lisa Zeltzer, MSc OT; Nicol Korner-Bitensky, PhD OT; Elissa Sitcoff, BA BSc

Evidence reviewed as of before 25-10-2012

NOTE: *The authors have no direct financial interest in any tools,
tests or interventions presented in StrokEngine-assessment.