Functional Independence Measure (FIM)


Purpose of the measure

The Functional Independence Measure (FIM) was developed to address the issues of sensitivity and comprehensiveness that were criticized as being problematic with the Barthel Index (another measure of functional independence). The FIM was also developed to offer a uniform system of measurement for disability based on the International Classification of Impairment, Disabilities and Handicaps for use in the medical system in the United States (McDowell & Newell, 1996). The level of a patient’s disability indicates the burden of caring for them and items are scored on the basis of how much assistance is required for the individual to carry out activities of daily living.

Author*: Lisa Zeltzer, MSc OT;
Editors: Nicol Korner-Bitensky, PhD OT; Elissa Sitcoff, BA BSc

Evidence reviewed as of before 15-10-2011

NOTE: *The authors have no direct financial interest in any tools, tests or interventions presented in StrokEngine.