Medical Outcomes Study Short Form 36 (SF-36)

Purpose of the measure
The Medical Outcomes Study 36-item Short-Form Health Survey is a widely used, generic, patient-report measure created to assess health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in the general population. It was developed as part of the Medical Outcomes Study (a two-year study of patients with chronic conditions) (Ware & Sherbourne, 1992). Today, the SF-36 is the most commonly used generic instrument for measuring quality of life (de Haan, 2002). The SF-36 can be used, but is not limited to, persons with stroke.
Author*: Lisa Zeltzer, MSc OT;
Editors: Nicol Korner-Bitensky, PhD OT; Elissa Sitcoff, BA BSc; Maxim Ben Yakov, BSc PT
Evidence reviewed as of before 19-08-2008

NOTE: *The authors have no direct financial interest in any tools, tests or interventions presented in StrokEngine.