Modified Rankin Scale (MRS)


How to obtain the MRS?

Please click here to obtain a copy of the MRS and the MRS-SI.

The MRS is also available in New, P. W., Buchbinder, R. (2006). Critical appraisal and review of the Rankin Scale and its derivatives. Neuroepidemiology, 26, 4-15.

The MRS-SI can be found in Wilson, L. J. T., Harendran, A., Grant, M., Baird, T., Schultz, U. G. R., Muir, K. W., Bone, I. (2002). Improving the assessment of outcomes in stroke: Use of a structured interview to assign grades on the Modified Rankin Scale. Stroke, 33, 2243-2246.

On-line training can be obtained at
The training modules comprise an introductory description of the mRS followed by 4 brief patient interviews. These interviews should be scored anonymously for practice purposes before optional group discussion. Correct scores and their justification follow each case (20 minutes). A transcript of the interviews is available. Certification of successful training will depend on correct completion of 5 further scenarios under ‘test’ conditions. Certification lasts for one year, after which re-certification is recommended. scenarios.

Link to MRS training program:
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