Toronto Bedside Swallowing Screening Test (TOR-BSST©)

How to obtain the TOR-BSST©:
Click here for information regarding the TOR-BSST©.


Other measures of dysphagia:
Instrumental Assessments:

  • Videofluoroscopy swallowing study (gold standard)
  • Fiberoptic endoscopic examination of swallowing
  • Rosenbeck’s Penetration Aspiration Scale

Clinical Bedside Assessments:

  • The Modified Mann Assessment of Swallowing Ability (Modified MASA)

Screening Tools:

  • Massey Bedside Swallowing Screen Volume-Viscosity Swallowing Test (Clave et al., 2008)
  • The Gugging Swallowing Screen (GUSS) (Trapl et al., 2007)
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