Purpose of the measure

The GAITRite System was developed in response to the need for an objective way to quantify gait and ambulatory status. Spatio-temporal parameters of gait, such as cadence, step length and velocity, are recorded and calculated using the GAITRite System and software. The GAITRite System tracks parameters over time and can be used to generate progress and status reports, providing clinically relevant information that is useful in devising treatment plans and evaluating treatment outcomes. While visual assessment of gait is more commonly used clinically, studies have demonstrated poor reliability.

According to producers of the GAITRite system (2010), the system can aid in the following tasks:

  • Documentation of gait patterns prior to any intervention
  • Measurement of functional ambulation immediately following treatment/intervention
  • Documentation of the effect of intervention
  • Identification of the relationship between objective gait parameters and subjective findings
  • Refinement of proper alignment and fit of prosthetics & orthotics
  • Selection of appropriate assistive devices
  • Objective measurement to justify ongoing intervention
Available versions

There are no other available versions.

Features of the measure

An electronic walkway (61cm wide x 288cm long – additional custom sizes are available), containing a total of 18,432 sensors sensor pads, is connected to the USB port of Windows® XP/Vista/7 personal computer (CIR Systems, Inc., 2010).

What to consider before beginning:

  • Assess patients’ balance and gait abilities prior to having them walk across the GAITRite walkway, to ensure adequate support is provided during assessment.
  • Barefoot testing is not recommended.

Scoring and Score Interpretation:
The GAITRite System provides spatio-temporal parameters of gait; it does not provide a score.

The setup of the GAITRite System is reported to be time efficient. The GAITRite System administration time is dependent on patient ambulation speed and efficiency.

Training requirements:
The GAITRite System has been reported to yield highly accurate and reliable data regardless of the examiner. However, in order to ensure consistency in testing protocol, the manufacturers of GAITRite System, CIR Systems, offer an Examiner Accreditation course. Examiners who successfully complete the accreditation process are awarded an accreditation certificate valid for a period of 1 year. Do you know how long the course is?
Please contact CIR Systems for further details.

For further information regarding equipment and set-up, please refer to the GAITRite Electronic Walkway Technical Reference guide:

Alternative Forms of GAITRite

There are no alternative forms of the GAITRite System reported, however there are different model numbers.

Client suitability

Can be used with:

  • Patients with stroke.
  • Patients requiring assistive devices and ambulatory aids such as crutches, walkers, or canes (GAITRite, 2010).
  • Patients utilizing biped and quadruped locomotion (CIR Systems, Inc., 2012).

Should not be used in:

  • None reported.
Languages of the measure

The GAITRite system is not a language based assessment tool.