Summary Table GAITRite

  What does the tool measure? Spatio-temporal parameters of gait.
  What types of clients can the tool be used for? The GAITRite system can be used with, but is not limited to, clients with stroke.
  Is this a screening or assessment tool? Assessment
Time to administer The time to administer is dependent on familiarity of system set-up and use, and patient ambulatory status.
  Versions There are no alternative versions.
Other Languages Not applicable.
Measurement Properties
  Reliability Test re-test:
One study found excellent test re-test reliability of the GAITRite system among patients with (stage of) stroke.
  Validity Concurrent:
One study found moderate to excellent concurrent validity of the GAITRite system with the Clinical Stride Analyzer in a healthy population.
  Floor/Ceiling Effects No studies have examined the floor or ceiling effects of the GAITRite system in clients with stroke.
  Does the tool detect change in patients? No studies have examined the responsiveness of the GAITRite system in clients with stroke. However, the GAITRite system has the capacity to track parameters over time and can be used to generate progress and status reports.
  Acceptability There is no placement of devices on the patient allowing the patient to ambulate as close to their usual as possible.
Feasibility The GAITRite system is portable and can be laid over any flat surface (CIR Systems, Inc., 2010).
How to obtain the tool? For further information on the GAITRite system, please contact:

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