Jebsen Hand Function Test (JHFT)

Jebsen-Taylor Hand Function Test Evaluation Summary (JHFT) Evaluation Summary

What does the tool measure? Hand function
What types of clients can the tool be used for? The JHFT can be use with, but is not limited to clients with stroke.
Is this a screening or assessment tool? Assessment tool
Time to administer 15-45 minutes
Versions – JHFT
– Modified Jebsen Hand Function Test (MJT)
– JHFT Australian version, Portuguese version
Other Languages English, Portuguese
Measurement Properties
Reliability Internal consistency
– One study reported excellent internal consistency of individual items.

– One study reported excellent inter-rater reliability of the JHFT (Portuguese version) and individual items.

– One study reported excellent intra-rater reliability of the JHFT (Portuguese version).

– One study reported adequate to excellent test-retest reliability of JHFT individual items.

– One study reported excellent test-retest reliability of the MJT.

Validity Content
– No studies have examined the content validity of the JHFT.

Predictive Validity
– No studies have examined the predictive validity of the JHFT.

Concurrent Validity
– Two studies reported excellent Stroke Impact Scale – Hand Domain.
– One study reported an excellent Nine Hole Peg Test correlation with grip strength.

– No studies have examined the construct validity of the JHFT.
– One study reported no significant difference in scores on the JHFT (Portuguese version) according to education level or hand dominance.

Floor/Ceiling Effects – No studies have examined the floor and ceiling effects of the JHFT.
Sensitivity/ Specificity – No studies have reported on the sensitivity or specificity of the JHFT.
Does the tool detect change in patients? One study reported moderate responsiveness of the JHFT from 1 to 3 months post-stroke, and from 3 to 6 months post-stroke.
Acceptability The JHFT is comprised of simple, familiar, and functional tasks. Consideration must be paid to individuals with speech and language difficulties, who may have difficulty understanding instructions and performing the writing task.
Feasibility The JHFT is easy to administer and does not require standardized equipment.
How to obtain the tool? Information regarding test administration is provided in:
Jebsen, R.H., Taylor, N., Trieschmann, R.B., Trotter, M.J., & Howard, L.A. (1969). An objective and standardized test of hand function. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 50(6), 311 – 319.

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