Motor-Free Visual Perception Test (MVPT)

Motor-Free Visual Perception Test (MVPT) Evaluation Summary

What does the tool measure? Visual perception independent of motor ability
What types of clients can the tool be used for? The MVPT can be used to determine differences in visual perception across several different diagnostic groups, and is often used by occupational therapists to screen those with stroke or head injury.
The MVPT was originally developed for use with children, however it has been used extensively with adults.
Is this a screening or assessment tool? Assessment
Time to administer The MVPT and MVPT-R takes 10-15 minutes to administer, and 5 minutes to score. The MVPT-3 takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to administer and approximately 10 minutes to score.
Versions Original MVPT; MVPT Revised version (MVPT-R); MVPT 3rd edition (MVPT-3); MVPT Vertical Version (MVPT-V).
Other Languages No information is currently available regarding the languages in which the instructions to the MVPT have been translated. Note: because the test requires no use of verbal response by the respondent, if the clinician can determine through the use of the practice items that the individual understands the task requirements, then it is possible to use the test with minimal language use.
Measurement Properties
Reliability Internal consistency. One study examined the inter-rater reliability of the original MVPT, MVPT-R or MVPT-3.
Validity Content: The Criterion: correlations were found with the Developmental Test of Visual Perception.
Predictive. One study found the MVPT highly predictive of on-road driving outcome in patients with stroke, however a second study found that the MVPT may not be as highly predictive of driving ability in patients with stroke as previous research had indicated. One study reported that the MVPT was predictive of future at-fault motor vehicle collisions in a cohort of older drivers.
Does the tool detect change in patients? No studies have examined the responsiveness of the MVPT.
Acceptability The MVPT is a short and simple measure and has been reported as well tolerated by patients. The test is administered by direct observation and is not suitable for proxy use.
Feasibility The MVPT has standardized instructions for administration in an adult population and requires the test plates and manual. Only individuals familiar with both the psychometric properties and the score limitations of the test should conduct interpretations.
How to obtain the tool? The MVPT can be purchased from: MD Angus & Associates Limited, supplier 2nd floor, 2639 Kingsway Avenue, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada V3C 1T5. Phone: (604) 464-7919 Fax: (604) 941-1705, Email: