Toronto Bedside Swallowing Screening Test (TOR-BSST©)

Toronto Bedside Swallowing Screening Test  (TOR-BSST©) Evaluation Summary

  What does the tool measure? Risk for dysphagia following stroke.
  What types of clients can the tool be used for? The TOR-BSST© was developed for patients with stroke across the recovery continuum.
  Is this a screening or assessment tool? Screening tool
Time to administer Ten minutes.
  Versions There is one version of the TOR-BSST©.
Languages Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil)
 Measurement Properties

Internal consistency:
No studies have reported on the internal consistency of the TOR-BSST©.

No studies have reported on the test-retest reliability of the TOR-BSST©.

No studies have reported on the intra-rater reliability of the TOR-BSST©.

Two studies have reported excellent inter-rater reliability of the TOR-BSST©. (Martino et al., 2006; Martino et al., 2009)


Development of the TOR-BSST© involved item generation from systematic review and subsequent item reduction, in combination with consultation with expert Speech-Language Pathologists. (Martino et al., 2000; Martino et al., 2009)

No studies have reported on the concurrent validity of the TOR-BSST©.

– One study has conducted a randomized controlled diagnostic study of the TOR-BSST© by comparison with videofluoroscopy.

No studies have reported on the convergent/discriminant validity of the TOR-BSST©.

Known Groups:
– No studies have reported on the known group validity of the TOR-BSST©.

  Floor/Ceiling Effects

Not applicable

  Does the tool detect change in patients? The TOR-BSST© is designed as a screening test and scored using binary responses, so is not intended to detect change.
  Acceptability The TOR-BSST© is quick to administer.
The TOR-BSST© requires specialised training.
Feasibility The TOR-BSST© is suitable for administration across acute and rehabilitation settings. The screening is easily portable and is quick to administer, score and interpret.
How to obtain the tool?

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