Adelaide Driving Self-Efficacy Scale (ADSES)


Adelaide Driving Self-Efficacy Scale Evaluation Summary

  What does the tool measure? Self-perceived driving confidence.
  What types of clients can the tool be used for? Patients with stroke.
  Is this a screening or assessment tool? Assessment.
Time to administer Not reported.
  Versions ADSES, ADSES–P.
Other Languages None.
Measurement Properties

– One study reported excellent internal consistency.
– No studies have examined the inter-rater reliability of the ADSES.
– No studies have examined the intra-rater reliability of the ADSES.
– No studies have examined the test-retest reliability of the ADSES.


One paper reported on content validity of the ADSES and noted that items were generated from literature review, clinical experience and expert review.

Predictive: Two studies examined predictive validity of the ADSES and reported that the ADSES was predictive of on-road driving assessment outcome, as measured by a standardized on-road assessment, the Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital Road Evaluation Form (JRHREF) and the Test Ride for Investigating Practical Fitness to Drive (TRIP) – Belgian version.

– One study reported a significant relationship between the ADSES and the Driving Habits Questionnaire (DHQ) driving space, number of kilometers driven per week and self-limiting driving.
– One study reported an excellent correlation between the ADSES and the ADSES-P at initial assessment and at 6-month follow-up.

Known groups:
Two studies have examined known-group validity of the ADSES: one study reported differentiation between healthy individuals and those with stroke; the second study reported no significant difference in ADSES scores between drivers following stroke and those who have not had a stroke.

  Floor/Ceiling Effects One paper reported a ceiling effect for all items of the ADSES and the ADSES-P.
  Sensitivity / Specificity Not reported.
  Does the tool detect change in patients? Not reported.
  Acceptability The ADSES is intended to be self-administered and a proxy version has been developed.
Feasibility The ADSES is a self-report scale and does not require any formal training.
How to obtain the tool?

ADSES is available as a Appendix in the following article:
George S, Clark M, Crotty M (2007). Development of the Adelaide driving self-efficacy scale. Clin Rehabil. Jan;21(1):56-61.