Olivia’s Story (symptoms on left side of the body)

Olivia was transferred to the rehabilitation unit today. She has muscle weakness in her left arm and weakness in her left leg. Olivia would like to start walking but needs assistance from another person and a quad walker. She needs to be reminded to wait for help before moving from the bed to a chair or wheelchair because She had a fall when trying to move by himself this morning.

Olivia tends to slump to one side when She is sitting and She does not seem to notice that her left arm dangles over the sidearm of a chair. She mentions that She has pain in her left shoulder. Olivia needs help with bathing and grooming for her own safety, and needs reminders to tend to the left side of her body. She often does not make it to the toilet on time. Olivia is easily distracted during conversation but can answer basic questions. She is tearful and easily upset.

As a family member you may feel concerned about Olivia and her recovery from stroke.

Before the stroke Olivia was living with her spouse in their two-storey home. The couple shared domestic activities and J enjoyed swimming, golfing, socializing, and driving to various activities. They have 2 adult children: the daughter lives close by and visits frequently. The other child has very little contact with the couple.

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